• Kazufumi Oizumi
  • 大泉和文

  • Kazufumi Oizumi
  • 大泉和文

 Kazufumi Oizumi is an artist living and working in Nagoya, Japan. In conjunction to working on the realization of 3D graphics for Studio Unbuilt since 1991, he has also created automated drawing machines (large-scale interactive installations). Working with the exhibition space, he sets up fictional stages or paths, inviting the audience in for the experience. Further, as seen in the drawing machines, elements of the work physically move. Also characteristic of his work is the fact that he processes the aluminum and acrylic himself, and the careful construction underpinned by his artistic sensibilities.

 Parallel to his own work, he has conducted research into the internationally active early Japanese computer art group CTG (Computer Technique Group) and published “The Birth of Computer Art – CTG’s Trajectory and Philosophy 1966-1969” (NTT Publications, 2015). It focuses on exposing their entire body of work and activities that have only been told in fragments until now, including their participation in the “Cybernetic Serendipity” show, shedding light onto the international computer art scene at the time, and reflecting on their significance in art history.

 Oizumi’s works often use the computer, yet he has never called himself a media artist. His interest lies in the revival of the diversity of early computer artworks, rather than the narrow characterization of ‘media art’ as mere technological art, leaving a mark in art history.

  • biography
  • 略歴

Kazufumi OIZUMI

1964 Born in 1964 in Miyagi, Japan.
1987 B.A., Scholl of Art and Design, University of Tsukuba
1993 M.A., Plastic Art and Mixed Media at Graduate School of Art and Design, University of Tsukuba.

Solo Exhibitions (selected)

2018 movable bridge / BH 1.0, N-mark5G, Nagoya-city
2004 Schrödinger’s cat / Majestic Imperator, Gallery C・Square, Nagoya-city
2001 platform project 2001, KSP Gallery in Kanagawa Science Park, Kawasaki-city
1991 media + architecture, awarded The 1st. Conica Plaza Artist Prize Grand Prix, Conica Plaza, Tokyo

Group Exhibitions (selected)
2018 Visual System I ── Parallax》《Visual System II── Optic axis》
           “Human Expression and Media Art : Expanding perception”
           University Art Museum, Aichi University of the Arts, Aichi
2017 《Loss of Horizontality》
           Video and Media Art : Video and Body as an Interface”
           University Art Museum, Aichi University of the Arts, Aichi
2007 Schrödinger’s cat II, Art in Container, Kobe Biennale 2007, Kobe-City
2003 Schrödinger’s kitten, 2003, Media Art Ato Z, Design Gallery, of International Design
   Center, Nagoya-city
2002 Visualization Project 1.2.3 of the Phantom Museum, The Dream of a Museum,
   Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art. 3D-CG reproduction of inside and outside of the
   unbuilt three museum projects, Rasen Tengakaku (Spiral Painting Exhibition Tower) by
   Yuichi Takahashi, Musée de Noir by Minoru Nakahara and Sheer Pleasure Arts Pavilion by
   Kojiro Matsukata and Sir Frank Brangwyn. This project is collaboration with Sogabe lab.,
   Chukyo University.
2001 platform project 2001-2, Art of Object / Art of Media - Adventures of Artists, Tokoha
   Museum of Art, Shizuoka Pref.
1998 VR of ‘Lenin Institute of library Science’ and ‘The Project for the People's Commissariat of
   Heavy Industry’ and others by I. Leonidov, Digital Art Splash!, Fukushima Prefectural
   Museum of Art.
1996 CG of ‘I. Leonidov’s The Project for the People's Commissariat of Heavy Industry’,
   Archaeology of the future city, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo and others.
1993 Fragmentation Curve, Tsukuba Museum of Art, and Art Museum of Aichi University
   of the Arts and Music

1991 The 1st. “Conica Plaza Artist Prize” Grand Prix

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