• Kenji Sugiyama
  • 杉山健司

  • Kenji Sugiyama
  • 杉山健司

The on-going series “I.I.M. - Institute of Intimate Museums” began during his stay in Canada in 1998 with an empty spaghetti box within which he had built a museum “Commercial Package (spaghetti)”. Following that “Outside (frame)”, “Inside (doll)”, “The Third Eye (eyeball)” “Ghost in my mind (Mask)” were conceived. The series cleverly utilises mirrors and tricks on visual perception to build and progress into a 3D museum. The museum inside the box contains older photographic works by the artist and the colours and patterns on the walls and flooring are also picked out himself. Through the plastic window (through which one would
normally see the pasta thickness), one perceives the rows of seating spreading along a line towards the back. In “Institute of Intimate Museums”, the artist seeks to encourage the viewer to create their own private museum. Their eyes wander into the space, changing perspective, leading them to the inner world of the artist.

  • biography
  • 略歴

1962 Born in Nagoya, Japan.

1987 B.F.A. Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, JAPAN
1989 M.F.A. Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, JAPAN

Solo exhibitions
2018 “Cell ‒ Closed Chamber as Myself, Inside and Outside ‒“, STANDING PINE, Nagoya
2015 “Institute of Intimate Museums”, La lanta Fine Art / Bangkok, Thailand
2014 “Institute of Intimate Museums Mirror Mirror”, Primae Noctis Art Gallery, Switzerland
         “Institute of Intimate Museums Ghosts in my mind”, STANDING PINE, Nagoya
2010 “I.I.M. The world’s End”, STANDING PINE, Nagoya
2009 “Institute of Intimate Museums 1999-2008”, STANDING PINE, Nagoya
2007 “Self-Portrait”, Gallery Ray, Nagoya
2006 “Very Inner Place”, Gallery Ray, Nagoya
2005 “Viewer”, Gallery Ray, Nagoya
2003 “I.I.M. Director"A", I I M Director"B", Nagoya City Archives, Nagoya
2001 “I.I.M. Director's Room Gallery OH”, ORIBETEI, Aichci
2000 “I.I.M. Institute of Intimate Museums”, A.C.S, Nagoya
1999 “Institute of Intimate Museums”, A.C.S Nagoya
1997 “Inside Outside”, A.C.S, Nagoya
1996 “Inside Outside”, A.C.S, Nagoya
1995 “Inside Outside Focusing on a New Generation in ‘95”, Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo
          “Inside Outside Face to Face”, A.C.S, Nagoya

Group exhibitions
2018 "Treasure Box of Contemporary Art, OPAM Toshioka Collection" Oita Prefectural Art Museum Oita
         "Through the Looking Glass", COB Gallery, London, UK
2017 “DESTINATION : ASIA NOW”, Primae Noctis Gallery, Switzerland
2016 “CROWD, A Perfect day for Kiso River ”, Minokamo, Gifu, Japan
2013 “Wavy Banner”, ET4U, Denmark
2012 "Who is inside ?", Contemporary Art in Toyohashi, Aichi Art Program
2011 "Who is inside ?", Kiyosu City Haruhi Art Museum, Aichi
          "Solid Art Exhibition" Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo
2009 "Borderless Art" Toyokawa City Sakuragaoka Museum, Aichi
2008 “Who is inside ?”, Nagoya City Archives, Nagoya
2007 "City-net Asia" Seoul Museum of Art, Korea
2006 "next station", Nagoya citizen gallery Yada, Nagoya
2005 "peindre" Symposium international d’art contemporain de Baie-Saint-paul, CANADA
          "Butins, musees et autres curiosites" galerie HORACE, CANADA
2004 "Institute of Intimate Museums" IBCube Gallery Bovelingjerg, DENMARK
          “Apporia in forest・ World scenery”, Nagoya City Gender Equality Center, Nagoya
          “given” Nagoya ware house, Nagoya
2003 "JAPAN:RISING" Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, USA
          “Contemporary Art Position”, Nagoya City Art Museum, Nagoya
2002 "THE FIRST MOVE", Tokyo International Forum Exhibition Hall, Tokyo
2001 "HAKOIRI-BIJYUTU" (Art in Box) , Kariya City Art Museum, Aichi
         “24 Winners from 1996 to 2000 FUJI TV Forum, Tokyo, UMEDA STELLA Hall
         “Taro Okamoto Memorial Award for Contemporary Art, Kawasaki
         “Banbutu Spoon Daily life and the future ex-Toyota Sasuke house, Nagoya
1999 "First Steps" Grey Art Gallery, N.Y.U., USA “Hotei Collection, Art house Nanafukutei, Aichi
1998 “Philip Morris Art Award 1998 Tokyo International Forum Exhibition Hall
          "Memento" EST-NORD-EST Centre de Sculpture, Quebec, CANADA
1997 "EFFET D'UILITAIRE" le Centre d'exposition de Baie-Saint-Paul, CANADA
1996 "Inside of Works, Outside of Works" Itabashi Art Museum, Tokyo

Awards Grants
2011 The Asahi Shimbun Foundation
2005 The Nomura Cultural Foundation
2002 Vermont Studio Center Freeman Fellowship Alternate USA
          AIGIN Education and Culture Foundation
2000 The Pollock-krasner Foundation , Inc. USA
          The 5th Content for the Best Contemporary Art Work
2001 Jury Prize
1998 Philip Morris Art Award 1997 POLA Art Foundation
         Canada's year of Asia Pacific CANADA
1995 Young Artists Overseas Training Program Nagoya City Cultural Foundation
1994 Holbein scholarship
1989 Graduate’s Award and Purchased by Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts

Artist in residence / Art program
2018 International Art Meet DIMENSION4 / Pilani, India
2015 Young Artists Studio Artists and Friendship booklet museum Tinguely, Switzerland
2013 Wavy banner ET4U contemporary visual art projects, DENMARK
2005 International Contemporary Art symposium in Baie-saint-paul, Quebec, CANADA
2002 Vermont Studio Center, USA
1998 EST-NORD-EST Centre de Sculpture, Quebec, CANADA
1996 EST-NORD-EST Centre de Sculpture, Quebec, CANADA

2013 “Let's make Nagoya City Museum Annex Nagoya City Art Museum
2010 “Let’s make our room” Nagoya City Cultural Promotion Agency
2001 "Let's make our room" Kariya City Art Museum, Aichi

Art reviews
2018 Yoshiko Kawaharada Review "Cell ‒ Closed Chamber as Myself, Inside and Outside ‒"
          (Chunichi Newspaper/2018.12.14)
2013 A. Moret The Mind’s Eye Installation Media LLC
2010 Akiba Fuminori Review “I I M 1999~2009” (REAR)
          Toshiharu Suzuki Review “I I M 1999~2009” (C& D Vo.41)
          Miyakawa MadokaReview “I I M 1999~2009” (Cyuunichi Newspaper)
2008 Yukiko Tanaka Review “Who is inside ?” (artholic)
2007 Yukiko Tanaka Review “Self-Portrait”( BT/2006.8)
2006 Yoko Morimura Review “next station”( Cyuunichi Newspaper/2006.10.26)
          Miki Mori Reviews “next station”( BT/2006.12)
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         Inoue Syouji Review "Inside Outside" (Cyuunichi Newspaper/1996.4.15)

Public Collection
2017 Koo House Museum ”Institute of Intimate Museums Outside”(Seoul, Korea)
         BENETTON Collection ”Institute of Intimate Museums Outside”(Italy)
2015 Audemars Piguet Collection ”Institute of Intimate Museums Outside”(Le Brassus, Switzerland)
1998 ART/OMI ”Institute of Intimate Museums”(New York, USA)
1997 Baie-Saint-paul Museum ”Inside Outside” (Quebec, Canada)
1989 Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music “Hitotachi”(Aichi, Japan)

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