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  • 2021.09.11 Sat - 2021.10.09 Sat
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STANDING PINE is pleased to present the solo exhibition, “記号区域: Imaginary Section” by intext, open to the public from Saturday September 11th. Consisting of graphic designers Hisashi Toyama and Yusuke Mimasu, as well as programmer Takehisa Mashimo, intext reimagines the systems and formats inherent in design, taking them as a form of artistic expression, thus enabling them to work in a way that is not confined to client work both in Japan and abroad.

Their new series of works, “記号区域: Imaginary Section”, focuses on the contradictions and irrationality of signs in urban spaces, shedding light on the strange realities of contemporary society. In elevating the urban sign to artworks, it becomes a medium through which we see the various underlying problems in a society and its systems.

This time, intext will present works that focus on coin parking lots found in urban spaces. In various places late at night, ‘vacant’ signs burn brightly in the parking lots. On seeing this, one of the members notices that the parking lot has become a place where nobody sets foot, as if in direct contrast to the over-populated and over-priced urban land around them. The ironic way in which the ‘vacant’ sign – signifying the empty state of the parking lot – contradicts the actual state of the city, stirred their curiosity into urban sign systems, thus becoming the starting point for this work.

For this exhibition, signs and structural elements found in coin parking lots have been cut out and incorporated into an installation work that reconfigures the gallery space, generating a sense of ambivalence between urban signs and real space.


Hours: 13:00 - 18:00
※Opening hours is shortened til 18:00.

Closed on Monday, Tuesday and National holidays

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