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A group consisting of Hiroshi Toyama, Takehisa Mashimo, Yusuke Mimasu.
The group handle their interests or hard-to-solve problems, which were found while they work individually as a graphic designer and a programmer. They reconsider a certain style relating to languages, letters, prints, writing and reading from their unique perspectives.
They have working based on the possibility of new communication created from there.

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2016. 10 growing room  (standing pine, Nagoya, Japan)
2016. 08 vanishing letters  (standing pine, Nagoya, Japan)
2014.09  letters in transition (standing pine, Nagoya, Japan)
2012.10  NUIT BLANCHE KYOTO 2012 (gallery@kcua, Kyoto, Japan)
2012.04  Toneplant: growing room (standing pine, Nagoya, Japan)
2011.02  design? (workroom *A, Osaka, Japan)

2016. 11 abad fotografi (Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia)
2016. 07 The red car is passing through the gallery (gallery KUNST ARZT, Kyoto, Japan)
2015.09 BOOK Chapter2 (MA2 gallery, Tokyo, Japan)
2015.03  phono/graph (Kobe Art Village Center, Hyogo, Japan)
2014.12  stolen names (Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, Japan)
2014.05  phono/graph (Ginza Graphic Gallery, Tokyo, Japan)
2013.11  phono/graph (Nagoya University of Arts, Aichi, Japan)
2013.11  phono/graph (Media Shop, Kyoto, Japan)
2012.09  phono/graph (Dortmunder U, Dortmund, Germany)
2011.02  design? (workroom *A, Osaka, Japan)
2011.01  phono/graph (ddd gallery, Osaka, Japan)

2014.11  FRONT ATC|FENNESZ『Bécs』JAPAN TOUR 2014 (metro, Kyoto)
2013.11  FRONT ATC|Diamond Version [Carsten Nicorai & Olaf Benders(Byetone)] Japan tour in KYOTO (metro, Kyoto)
2013.09  FRONT ATC|Phill Niblock/Thomas Ankersmit Japan tour in KYOTO (metro, Kyoto)
2013.09  folklore forest special edition (kamoe-bekkan, Shizuoka)
2013.05  SEIAN ARTS ATTENTION –RELATIONS– (seian university of art and design, Shiga)
2013.03  night cruising in TOKYO (Ochiai SOUP, Tokyo)
2012.05  electronic evening 2012 (Honenin Temple, Kyoto)
2011.05  Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek Japan Tour in KYOTO (Honenin Temple, Kyoto)
2011.02  AICHI GENE  (Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, AICHI) etc.

2014.05  phono/graph box [20 editions all]
2013.07  book [CD album]
2013.10  night cruising compilation “tone”[compilations CD]
2012.03  fount [CD album]

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