Day for Night / 2022 / 時計、アクリル、染料

  • Youki Hirakawa
  • D.F.N
  • 2022.11.05 Sat - 2022.12.03 Sat
    • Youki Hirakawaアセット 1

STANDING PINE is pleased to welcome back Youki Hirakawa with his first solo exhibition in three years, D.F.N, starting Saturday November 5th.

Hirakawa was born in Nagoya in 1983 and has presented many monochrome films and serene installation works. The series, Lost Films, which deals with films that have been lost from all over the world, has been invited to screen at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (2019/Netherlands) and the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (2019/Germany) to critical acclaim both at home and abroad. More recently, his artistic career has broadened with the participation in group exhibitions such as Spirit and Endeavours(Salisbury Cathedral/2020/UK) and Lumiere (Durham Cathedral/2021/UK). In this exhibition, a new body of work will be presented, which was created throughout the long period of the Corona disaster.

This exhibition, titled D.F.N, presents a new turn in his work that seems to defy his image thus far. Various objects are scattered throughout the space which at first sight seem unconnected; a clock whose face is lined with a film filter, a beer bottle covered in water droplets, and magazines painted in a silver colour. What ties them together is the artist’s keen eye for the structure of things and his consistent curiosity of the unknown nature of time.

In post-pandemic society, the meaning of shared space and time has undergone significant change. It was a difficult period for artists, where space is closed off and time is heavy and strained. Oddly, the rupture in the creative work process becomes a source for new inspiration, bearing new work. The enigmatic pieces spread around the gallery space question, with a sense of humour, the concept of space and time that has been redefined through unprecedented change, as well as the structure and relation of things.

Yuki Hirakawa
Born in Nagoya, Japan in 1983
Lived and worked in Germany from 2011 to 2016
Currently based in Aichi, Japan

Recent presentations include the solo exhibition: If Films Could Dream (2018/Pola Museum of Art/Kanagawa), International Film Festival Rotterdam (2019/Rotterdam/the Netherlands), 65th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (2019/Oberhausen/Germany), State of Motion 2020: Rushes of Time (2020/Singapore National Archives/Singapore), Spirit and Endeavour (2020/Salisbury Cathedral/Salisbury/UK), Streaming Heritage: Between Plateau and Sea (2021/Nagoya/Aichi), Lumiere (2021/Durham Cathedral/Durham/UK), solo  exhibition: Untitled Tear (2022/Ando Gallery/Tokyo), among others. He is also scheduled to participate in group exhibitions at museums in England and Israel in the future.



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