• Masayuki Arai
  • 荒井理行

  • Masayuki Arai
  • 荒井理行

Masayuki Arai was born in 1984 in Wisconsin in USA and based in Kanto area in Japan. His works are created by collaging various kinds of photos from magazines or internet websites and recreating imaginary scene by adding another picture he depicted surrounding the photos took in the real world. Through the recreated imaginary images, the artist invites viewers to reconsider how to perceive information in the today’s world and question how to understand and define the real world.

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  • biography
  • 略歴

Biography & CV

1984 born in Wisconsin (USA)

2011 M.F.A. Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, (Japan)

Selected solo exhibitions
2021 like paintings, STANDING PINE, Aichi (Japan)
2019 Warped horizon, STANDING PINE, Aichi (Japan)
2016 vanilla:, STANDING PINE, Aichi (Japan)
2011 picture picture, YEBISU ART LABO, Aichi (Japan)

Selected group exhibition / Art fair
2021 'STUDIO KODAI vol.2' CAPSULE(Tokyo)
2019 KIAF ART SEOUL 2019, COEX Hall A&B, Seoul (Korea)
2018 ART021 SHANGHAI CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai (China)
2017 objet d`art on the way to the Future, Annex Ninigi, Kyoto (Japan)
2016 INTERWOVEN, Nagoya Citizen`s Gallery Yada, Aichi (Japan)
2015 Slice Pack, Gallery 16, Kyoto (Japan)
         On the Way to the Future, and Then : 11 Newcomers of Art, Craft and Design,
         Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto (Japan)
         Spring Painting Art Show, STANDING PINE, Aichi (Japan)
2014 VOCA 2014 - The Vision of Contemporary Art -, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo (Japan)
         Spring Painting Art Show, STANDING PINE, Aichi (Japan)
         Lagrangian Point, Gallery PARC, Kyoto (Japan)
2013 AICHI TRIENNALE 2013, Nayabashi Site, Aichi (Japan)
         Summer Drawing Show, Gallery Side 2, Tokyo (Japan)
         relational map, STANDING PINE, Aichi (Japan)
2012 UTSUSU - Copying and Shifting -, Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art (Gallery), Aichi (Japan)
         UTSUSU - Copying and Shifting -, florist_gallery N, Aichi (Japan)
2011 Dreaming the World (MEGI HOUSE 2011 vol.12), Kagawa, (Japan)

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