• Mayumi Inukai
  • 犬飼真弓

  • Mayumi Inukai
  • 犬飼真弓

Inukai started to learn painting when she entered the university, and her paintings seem to belong to the mystical genre which can be seen as Japanese-style as well as Western-style. Inukai states “I feel the joy of living when hardships, sorrow, anger and resentment are transformed into paintings and beautifully existing”. From the painted lines of hair, which are finely layered one by one, people can see its strong presence with not only its fascinating beauty but also depthless sorrow and horror somehow.

  • biography
  • 略歴

1986 Born in Nagoya city in Aichi prefecture
2005 Entered Nagoya University of Arts Oil Painting Course
2009 Graduated Nagoya University of Arts Oil Painting Course

Solo exhibition
2014 ‘Utsuwa (Vessels)’ STANDING PINE/ Aichi
2013 ‘Absolute territory’ STANDING PINE/Aichi
         ‘Personality’ STANDING PINE/ Aichi
2010 ‘The Exhibition of Mayumi Inukai ~Place to go and return to~’ STANDING PINE-cube / Aichi
2009 ‘The Exhibition of Mirror Image’ YEBISU ART LABO / Aichi
2008 ‘Ben (Words) ~Sentiment~’ YEBISU ART LABO / Aichi

Joint exhibitions, Public exhibitions
2014 ’Nagoparu art show’ Parco Gallery Nagoya PARCO/ Aichi
         ‘Spring Painting Art Show Masayuki Arai, Yui Suzuki, and Mayumi Inukai’ STANDING PINE/ Aichi
2013 ‘Permanent Exhibition of Tomoaki Shitara and Mayumi Inukai’
2012 ‘Art Nagoya 2012’  The Westin Nagoya Castle STANDING PINE/ Aichi
         ‘The Exhibition of drawings by Mayumi Inukai and Nami Yokoyama’ STANDING PINE / Aichi
         ‘View ~Door to Tomorrow~’ Art Labo Aichi Nagoya University of Arts / Aichi
         ‘TOKYO FRONTLINE 2012’ 3331ArtsChiyoda STANDING PINE-cube/ Tokyo
         ‘Sympathy’ STANDING PINE-cube/Aichi
2011 ‘Permanent Exhibition’ STANDING PINE-cube/ Aichi
         ‘YOUNG ART TAIPEI’ Sunworld Dynasty STANDING PINE/ Taiwan
         ‘Permanent Exhibition’ STANDING PINE-cube/ Aichi
2010 ‘Ultra 003’ Aoyama Spiral Garden (exhibited by STANDING PINE-cube)/ Tokyo
          Art fair “ART FAIR KYOTO 2010” Hotel Monterey Kyoto (exhibited by STANDING PINE-cube) / Kyoto
          Group exhibition “FLAT” Art Complex Center / Tokyo
2009 Exhibition “D Art Festival 2009” Daitecsakae / Aichi
          Project exhibition “PAPER REFLECTION” YEBISU ART LABO / Aichi
2008 Art fair “ART OSAKA 2008” Dojima Hotel (exhibited by VOICE GALLERY) / Osaka
2007 Selection exhibition “The world in between” Nagoya University of Arts, Art & Design Center / Aichi

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