• Mayumi Inukai
  • 'The Existence of Everyday Life Brings Us Violence'
  • 2020.06.13 Sat - 2020.07.04 Sat
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STANDING PINE is pleased to present Mayumi Inukai's solo exhibition entitled “The Existence of Everyday Life Brings Us Violence” from Saturday 13th June to Saturday 4th July. Inukai was born in l986 and currently lives and works in Nagoya. Human figures in her works are always painted with sensitive brushwork and a delicate harmony of light and shade. Their pale and melancholy expressions enable her works to have a quiet and distinctive presence to attract viewers. Her new works for this exhibition are created based on the ideas what the existence of everyday life mean to us, and how we can face the pain occurred in our everyday life and live together with the sorrow and grief. They invite viewers to reconsider the preciousness of wounds in our heart aching as days pass and accepting it as a part of ourselves.

Violence in everyday life
Days passing uneventfully are not only peaceful and beautiful.
It has never been special and would cause damage to someone in somewhere.
I would like to consider the cruelness, violence and beautifulness of our everyday life.

                                 Mayumi Inukai


To prevent further spread of the virus infection, Mayumi Inukai’s solo exhibition “The Existence of Everyday Life Brings Us Violence” is opening only by appointment. If you would like to visit the gallery, please contact us in advance by email(in[email protected])before 5pm on the previous day of your visit.

The date and time you can designate for your appointment is from 13:00 to 18:00 during the exhibition period. The gallery is closed on Monday, Tuesday and National Holidays (Temporary closing on Wednesday 24th June). To prevent further spread of the virus infection, please wear a mask when you visit the gallery. We have all the staffs wear masks, give the gallery space a good airing and put a hand sanitiser at the entrance of the gallery. Before you enter the gallery, the staff will check your temperature in a non-contact manner.

We apologise for this inconvenience. Your understanding would be highly appreciated and we hope you all stay safe and healthy.

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“The Existence of Everyday Life Brings Us Violence”
Date: 2020.6.13 Sat. - 2020.7.4 Sat. (Temporary closing on Wednesday 24th June)
Hours: 13:00 - 18:00
Closed on Monday, Tuesday and National holidays
※Only by appointment
※We might not able to accept your visit if you do not make an appointment beforehand.

Then / 910×727mm / 2020 / paper, pencil, pigment, foundation, ink, gouache, medium, conte

Untitled / 2020 / 910×910mm / paper, pencil, gouache, medium

Days / 2020 / 727×606mm / paper, pencil, ink, gouache, medium, conte