• intext
  • 2018.09.01 Sat - 2018.09.22 Sat
  • Opening reception: 1st September, 6pm
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STANDING PINE is pleased to present a solo exhibition by an art unit intext entitled ‘DEATH OF FUNCTIONS’ opening from 1st September. The exhibition features their project shown at Art Basel Hong Kong 2018 entitled ‘DEATH OF FUNCTIONS’ for the first time in Japan.

Graphic designers Yusuke Mimasu, Hiroshi Toyama and programmer Takehisa Mashimo form intext, reconsidering the present state of text, image and sound media communications, instead giving rise to a universal message in relation to language and culture. Their usual day jobs concerning graphic design or programming requires the mediation of adequate information for humans and computers respectively, but their focal interests lie not in the contents of the mediated information, but rather in the message or experience contained within text, image and sound themselves that help transmit the information. On the one hand, intext’s works obscure the content of books and displays through their own process, while on the other, a hidden universal message in relation to language, culture and communication is brought to the fore from the remaining faint traces of content.

In the project shown in Art Basel Hong Kong 2018 entitled ‘DEATH OF FUNCTIONS’, intext’s works counteracted the function of media and content communication such as text, films and sound, revealing a more universal message on culture and communication. This exhibition features their new works ‘MIRROR/ COLOR’ in addition to the works presented in Art Basel Hong Kong 2018, which will be exhibited for the first time in Japan. Viewers can see the installation works in Art Basel and intext’s new challenges at the same time.


What is the colour of mirror?

Dot-shaped holes in the form of two words ‘MIRROR’ and ‘COLOR’ are overlapped and cut out of a mirrored surface, emitting numerous colours from inside. This work contrasting mirror with colour does not provide any logical answer for the question ‘What is the colour of mirror that can reflect everything?’ but focuses on mysterious attraction of the question itself. It seeks more primitive aspect appealing to human sensitivity beyond the function of ‘mirror’ and ‘colour’.

dimensional wall (French)/ 2018/ UV Inkjet Printed on Aluminum/ 90.0 × 60.0 × 3.3 Size (cm)

printed motion (image)/ 2015/ Screen Printed on LCD Display/ 47.0 × 29.0 × 4.0 Size (cm)

dimensional wall (book)/ prototype/ 2016/ Book (dictionary)